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Secretary Hua team arrived our enterprise and investigated guidance
From: 2017-10-10

At 10:00 am 24th,September,2015,Area secretary Hua team come to our enterprise for investigation which knew our enterprise technology innovation event.Secretary Hua team visited our display room firstly,Our company chairman,general manager Shen Yuanhang introduced the main developed trend and direction of our water meter in these years for several leader..


Secretary Hua team have a speech that our company technology working process situation after visiting display room,Our marketing vice president Dai Xiangjing,Technical vice president Shen Mingzhe reported our enterprise's working trend,developing goal and our solution proposals in intelligent water field to all leaders.Finally,our company president introduced we would operate intelligent water field ppp schema.


Secretary Hua expressed enterprise developed need enhanced innovation ability,encouraged our enterprise strength technology invented ,developed intelligent water field strongly.



Our president, general manager Shen Yuanhang introduced ultrasonic remote transmitting meter to Secretary Hua team



All leaders field visit guidance



Our president ,general manager Shen Yuanhang introduced our water meter development tendency to Secretary Hua team



Our marketing Vice president Dai Xiangjing reported this year enterprise development direction



Secretary Hua and Our president,general manager Shen Yuanhang



President Shen introduced intelligent water ppp schema to all leaders



Technology vice president Shen Mingzhe reported our intelligent water solution case..